Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding I Spy Reception Game

As you've read previously in my Summer Bucket List: Wedding Edition, I have already had some of my I Spy games printed.  I went through Vistaprint e-mails when they offered free Rack Cards.  The Rack Cards come in packs of 50, and you are responsible for shipping.

The mock up I made on the site looked like this:

To get the different texts and colors, I had to make each line a separate text box.  I played around with order and sizes until I liked what I saw.  Luckily, I don't have to do all of the playing around again, since Vistaprint saves your previous designs in your portfolio.

I received the printed product ahead of schedule.  The rack cards are shiny and a nice quality, thick paper.  I also forgot until I received it that I chose to have a simple black and white graphic printed on the back.  To see how it turned out and my inspiration links, hit the jump!

Front of I Spy
Back of I Spy

Text Reads:
I Spy
Use your camera and look around
Hunt for the pictures that need to be found!
Shoot away and complete the list, 
Find the moments that shouldn't be missed!

A little kiss
A great big hug
Bride and Groom holding hands
Groom with his Men
Bride with her Maids
Flowergirl with her parents
Candid kids
Mother of the Bride crying
Groom playing with his ring
Bride playing with her ring
Someone making a toast
Photo of each family or couple at your table
Group photo of everyone at your table
Something nerdy
Something blue
Someone sipping from a flask
A mason jar
Best dancer action shot
Worst dancer action shot

Share your pictures at blahblah shutterfly

I used the following pins as inspiration for my I Spy, but of course used my wedding colors and added in some picture categories of my own:

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