Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Wedding DIY Edition

I saw this "summer bucket list" idea on Miss Kindergarten for school.  Lucky me!  I get two big projects this summer!  I get married August 4, so I have plenty of to-do's for that, and I go back to school later in August to a different classroom and level to teach, so I have plenty of to-do's for that.  The first "summer bucket list"/to-do list that I have is my wedding one.  I'm doing a lot of DIY for the wedding, so I have just over two months to do...well, a lot of things.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have tutorials for many of them.  As I complete these, I'll post and add links to them.

(sorry, had to take this down for a bit to fix the links, but now they should all be fixed)

Here is my overview of wedding to-do's and DIY's for summer, with deadlines:
  • Stamp invite envelopes and send them: By June 1
  • Bridesmaid's wedding shower: June 2
  • Create veil using mom's veil: By June 6
  • Make ring pillow and decorate flower girl basket: June 11
  • Send bridesmaid's shower thank you's: By June 15
  • Aunt's shower: June 16
  • Finish decorating cake toppers (either dinosaur or panda bear salt shakers): June 20
  • Send aunt's shower thank you's: by June 26
  • Gone in Washington DC for NEA RA: June 27 through July 6
  • Second dress fitting: July 7
  • Work out some kind of toasting flute: by July 9
  • Guestbook set up: by July 11
  • Finish ceremony and send it off to Piper: July 12
  • Bachelorette Party: July 14
  • Programs: July 16
  • Card box: July 18
  • 3rd and hopefully final fitting: July 20
  • Start table numbers/favors/escort cards: July 21
  • Seating chart: July 22
  • Finish and practice vows: July 23
  • Sometime over summer: printing more I Spy, vow gag, all of the fabric flowers in the world, prettified hangers, bridesmaid gifts, gift for the groom, parent gifts, centerpieces

After the jump, see pictures of project inspirations with links to my pins.