Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vistaprint Is My Friend (or, How I Got My Wedding Invites on the Cheap)

I have gotten many a thing from Vistaprint for both my wedding and classroom.  Classroom printing projects can come at a later date, for today is about all of the things I got for my wedding from Vistaprint.

First, a caution:  Be careful about checking extra boxes on this site.  Check and double check that you are not opting into monthly services.  I have had no problems with this, but the internet abounds with complaints of getting charged monthly for something from Vistaprint.

And now, a tip: Buy something cheap there first.  My first purchase was custom return address labels.  Once I bought that single thing, I started getting offers about once a week.  Sometimes they are 40-60% off, but quite a few times so far, I have gotten offers for free things.  That is how I printed out my invites (oversized postcards), RSVP cards (postcards), wedding website inserts (business cards), and picture website business cards.  I also watched Groupon and bought a $17 for $70 worth of goods offer, which is how I got my I Spy games (rack cards) and thank you postcards.  I ordered a few other free things in the mix.  The print quality is generally very high.  The things I have printed have always come out clear and in accurate colors.

The total I've spent for all of the following, shipping and product cost, is just under $140.  The majority of that was in shipping.

I'll post in the next few days with actual photos of what I've gotten from there (haven't had time to remove our personal information!)  But, for now, here are picture from the online mockups at vistaprint.  Hit the jump to check them out!

Tote bags for me, moms (of the bride and of the groom), bridesmaids (4), maids of honor (2), and flower girl.  (Graphic from www.weddingchicks.com)

Invitation, from a graphic at www.weddingchicks.com, printed on an oversized postcard (200): 
I was really impressed with how this turned out.  It printed very true to the color on my screen and very clear.  The postcard was shiny and felt like a good weight.

Awesome madlib RSVP cards, again from a graphic from www.weddingchicks.com, printed on a regular postcard (200):
In case you can't read the itty bitty text, the postcard reads:
(name of guest) and (name of guest) are (adjective) to (attend/not attend) your wedding.  We wish you both a (adjective) day and (number) years of (adjective) to come.  Remember to (advice), (advice), and especially (advice) for a successful & (adjective) marriage.

Guest information invite insert business cards (250):

Again, the text reads: For more guest information, including hotel accommodations or to R.S.V.P online, please visit  (wedding website)

 Did you take pictures today? business cards to attach to favors (500): 
Text reads: Did you take pictures today?  
We would love to see pictures you took of our special day.  
"My own eyes are not enough for me, I will see through those of others." ~~ C.S. Lewis  
Please upload your photos to our album:  blahblahshutterfly  
Thank you!

The business cards are really the only thing I'm disappointed in.  They are smaller than regular business cards and feel rather cheap and thin.

I Spy reception game card, printed on their Rack Cards (150, so far): 
More on this in an upcoming post!

 Thank you postcards printed with graphic from (you guessed it!) www.weddingchicks.com (200, so far):

Wedding lawn sign (2, with stands) and Just Married banner (1, with adhesive corners):


  1. Okay! This is a great idea!! Can you tell me how hard it was to find envelopes for those over sized postcards you used for invitations? Thanks so much!!

    1. It was way easier than I thought! The oversized postcards are the same size as most greeting cards, so I used the greeting card envelopes from Office Max (http://www.officemax.com/office-supplies/envelopes/specialty-envelopes/invitation-envelopes/product-ARS24341) I thought the giant white rectangles looked a bit boring, so I stamped the front with a mason jar stamp and flower stamps I found, then stamped the back with a love quote.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing! We did the exact same thing with the Groupon offer and were able to order almost all of our wedding stationary through Vistaprint. I have received so many compliments on our invites. Glad I will be able to share this on Pinterest