Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stash or Trash: OPI Designer de Better

This is OPI's Designer de Better from the Muppets collection. I got a mani/pedi with my mom the other day, and I chose a polish I already own so I can do touch-ups. But now I'm annoyed because it chipped after 2 days...so I'm just going to take it off. My toes (Cuckoo for this Color) thankfully haven't chipped.
However, the fault is not with the polish. I've worn this before and had it last almost a week (which is amazing with how hard I am on my nails!).
I really like this polish. It's a great mostly silver foil with flecks of bronze, which I didn't quite catch on my picture. It's very festive and shiny without being entirely obnoxious. I'll try for a better picture later (read: not one done on Instagram with my phone). It goes on very smooth, and removal isn't terrible. It is very easy to get nice, thin coats. When I paint it myself, I do 2 or 3 thin coats for coverage.

Once I find my own bottle of this in my monster of a collection, it's definitely stash for me.

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